These are the custom Nickelodeon movies created by SuperMalechi with custom ones and real ones.

List of themEdit

  1. Home of the Wild West (November 7, 1986) (Rated: PG) (Animated)
  2. Barney's Who Framed Steve Pwnson? (March 1, 1995) (Rated: G) (Live-Action/Animated)
  3. Family Cat (June 10, 1997) (Rated: PG) (Latet adaptated to the 1998 Disney film "Mulan") (Animated)
  4. The Rugrats Movie (November 20, 1998) (Rated G)
  5. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (May 1999) (Rated PG-13) (same as the New Line Cinema film, but the company is credited as Paramount and Nickelodeon)
  6. Chick Linny (September 2, 2008) (Rated: G) (Animated)
  7. The Wonder Pets: The Movie (September 6, 2013) (Adaptated from the Bob the Builder special "The Knights of Fix a Lot") (Rated: G)

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