Ian Karlsen

Real name

Ian Robert Karlsen

Birth place

Ober-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire (present day Germany)

Birth date

October 28, 1573


18 (Soul Calibur III-Soul Calibur IV)
35 (Soul Calibur V-Soul Calibur Endless Rage)


Chained Sickle (Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Snake Sword (Soul Calibur IV-V)

Fighting style

Mu-ji Chained Sickle Arts (Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Unrelated Link (Soul Calibur IV)
Natsu (Soul Calibur V)




Soul Calibur III
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur V
Soul Calibur Endless Rage

First game

Soul Calibur III

English voice actor

David Gallagher (Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Yuri Lowenthal (Soul Calibur IV)
David Vincent (Soul Calibur V)

Ian Robert Karlsen is a character in the Soul series of the fighting games made by Toshiyuki Endo. He made his debut in Soul Calibur III, and has returned in Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur V, and Soul Calibur Endless Rage.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ian has green eyes and short, orange hair. He has a handsome face, similar to Chester's. He has white skin.


Soul Calibur IIIEdit

Soul Calibur IVEdit

Soul Calibur VEdit

Soul Calibur Endless RageEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Ian is a young knight so he uses a chained sickle and fight with Mu-ji Chained Sickle Arts. In Soul Calibur IV-V, his weapon is changed from a sickle to a snake sword and his fighting style changes from Mu-ji Chained Sickle Arts to Unrelated Link.

Critical FinishEdit

Ian whips the opponent and starts an alchemist spell to trap the opponent in a ball, splits the blade up into small pieces, and shoots them into the opponent.

Critical EdgeEdit

Ian grabs his opponent and, as his sword shatters, parts of it stick to the opponent's body, making them levitate and fly. While in air, the sword pieces slash his opponent several times until the shards slam him opponent to the ground.


In Soul Calibur III, Ian wears yellow knight armor, but he doesn't wear a helmet. In Soul Calibur IV-V, he wears a similar outfit to that one in Soul Calibur III. In Soul Calibur Endless Rage, he wears the same outfit from Soul Calibur III.

Create-a-Soul formula SCIIIEdit

Name: Ian

Gender: Male

Job: Ninja

Discipline: Sickle

Weapon: Any

Hair: Crew Cut (03,20)

Mid Torso: Cotton Shirt (11,20)

Upper Torso: Bandit's Gear (11,20)

Arms: Dragon Gauntlets (11,20)

Shoulders: Metal Shoulders (11,20)

Waist: Lord's Tasset (11,20)

Upper Legs: Slacks (11,20)

Socks: Short Socks (11,20)

Feet: Armor Boots (11,20)

Face: 04

Eyebrows: 03,20

Lips: 03,05

Eyes: 15,25

Skin: 05,17

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Young Man 2 (English)

Alignment: Good/Dark



Soul Calibur IIIEdit

  • You really want to do this?
  • Is there no other solution to this?
  • If all you know is violence...
  • You should take better care of your life.
  • I am the victor of this match.
  • Take heed, I cannot afford to lose.
  • That was pathetic. Good bye.
  • No one can defeat my ninjitsu! - Press or hold any button during replay
  • Here we go!
  • Pathetic!
  • Let's go!
  • Quit showing off!
  • Quiet down!
  • Fall down!
  • Goodbye!
  • This is your end!
  • Where you goin'?
  • You ready?!
  • Die.
  • It's over.
  • This is...over!
  • Have some of...this!
  • You're not bad. - Taunt
  • I don't intend to go easy on you. - Taunt
  • No way.
  • I lost.