It's Spring



Original airdate

April 5, 1994

Written by

Toshiyuki Endo

Directed by

Jim Rowley

It's Spring is the 2nd episode in the fifth season of Tiger Troops. It originally aired on April 5, 1994.


Spring is here and the Tiger Troops want to have fun. But some bad guys come to town so they have to beat them, in order to save spring.



  • Chris (Jonathan Brandis)
  • Danny (Justin Whalin)
  • Darren (Ricky Schroder)
  • Jimmy (Joey Lawrence)
  • Zack (Balthazar Getty)
  • Jay (Will Friedle)
  • Lily (Allison Mack)
  • Karen (Nicholle Tom)
  • Mary (Lisa Wilhoit)
  • Rachel (Blaze Berdahl)
  • Ellen (Thora Birch)
  • Diane (Lacey Chabert)
  • Abigail (Janice Kawaye)
  • Bridget (Melissa Altro)
  • Bryan (Toby Scott Ganger)
  • Jesse (Jan Schweiterman)
  • Kenny (Michael Yarmush)
  • Sophie (Lisa Ortiz)
  • Victor (Grant George)
  • Yang (Christian Buenaventura)



Quote 1:Edit

  • (after the Tiger Troops theme song, we see the Tiger Troops and the kids at the school hallway)
  • Chris: Jesse, do you know that it's springtime?
  • Jesse: Yes, Chris. I know that. Besides, you need to go outside and play.
  • Chris: What?!
  • Jesse: It's nice outside.
  • Chris: What're you talking about?
  • Jesse: Well, there's nice weather, fresh air, beautiful grass, and birds chirping.
  • Chris: I see, but I don't know if I can handle it.
  • Jesse: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Don't you know when school's over?
  • Chris: Jesse? (sighs) Listen, we have to go outside and play.
  • Jesse: But I'm just asking you when school's over.
  • Chris: I don't know.
  • Jesse: Look, Chris. Do you think you can handle this?
  • Chris: Sure, I can.
  • Jesse: All right, then we'd better get to class because we don't wanna be late.
  • Chris: For fuck's sake, that is a piece of shit, you fucking idiot.
  • (Chris and Jesse leave)
  • (Mary is in front of the locker)
  • Yang: (comes in) Hi, Mary! Are you excited for spring?!
  • Mary: Yes. Just about.