Birth date

February 23, 1983

Birth place

Los Angeles, California



Fighting style

Shissen Karihadi


Rachel, older sister
Parents, still alive





First appearance

Morph Into Action

Last appearance

Portrayed by

Andrea Schuette (season 1)
Lisa Wilhoit (seasons 2-14)

Mary Chantal Proctor is a character who appeared on the custom Nickelodeon show, Tiger Troops.

Physical appearanceEdit

Mary has white skin, red curly hair, and green eyes.

Fighting styleEdit

Mary's fighting style is the same as Maxi's from the Soul series. Her moves are fast, but are also hard to control.


Her action hero clothes consist of a red elegant below the ankle length dress that consists of a red jacket with frills and a red skirt that has a slit on the right side of the dress, blue gloves, red and blue striped tights, a red ribbon scarf, a blue half face mask, and blue Mary Jane shoes. For her casual action hero look, she does not wear her blue spy mask.

For her gladiator outfit, she wears a red samurai helmet, a beige short-sleeved shirt, a black and red breastplate, a beige long skirt that has a slit on the right side with a brown belt and two pink plates, and brown thigh high boots with white, fuzzy cuffs and red feet armor.

Her sorcerer outfit consists of a red robe with an attachable hood and a slit on the left side and red stilettos.


  • Mary's dress appears in Soul Calibur III as a Create-a-Soul part, and it is entitled "Battle Dress".