Ryouichi Fujimoto

Native name


Full name

Ryouichi Fujimoto

Date of birth

May 31, 1967 (aged 50)

Place of birth

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan


Actor, voice actor, writer, director, Internet celebrity, blogger

Years active



Kelly Yu (1996-present)


Amy Fujimoto
Tara Fujimoto


Ryouichi Fujimoto (藤本亮一 Fujimoto Ryouichi) (born May 31, 1967) is a custom made person made by the YouTube user, Thevideotour1. He is an Japanese-American actor, voice actor, writer, director, Internet celebrity, and blogger.

Early life Edit

Ryouichi was born at a hospital in Tokyo, Japan and spent his early childhood there but moved to Stoughton, Massachusetts when he was 6.

Personal lifeEdit

Ryouichi has his own YouTube account and he named it "Ichiban". Ichiban is a Nickelodeon fans version of Banewolf.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ryouichi has brown eyes and curtained hair. He had black hair. He has a handsome face.

Voices over the agesEdit

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