Toshiyuki Endo

Native name


Full name

Toshiyuki Endo

Date of birth

August 26, 1969 (aged 48)

Place of birth

Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan


Actor, voice actor, director, writer, Internet celebrity, blogger

Years active



Anita So (1995-present)


Billy Endo
Julie Endo (deceased)
Mike Endo


Daiki Endo
Kazuko Tsukuda

Toshiyuki Endo (遠藤敏行 Endo Toshiyuki, born August 26, 1969) is a custom made person made by the YouTube user, Thevideotour1. He is an Japanese-American actor, voice actor, director, writer, Internet celebrity, and blogger.

Early lifeEdit

Endo was born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan but he moved to an apartment in Canton, Massachusetts, U.S. with his family at age 1. In the United States, he attended Dean S. Luce School, Galvin Middle School, Canton High School, and UMass Boston.

Physical appearanceEdit

Toshiyuki has brown eyes and curtained hair. He had black hair before 1993 and now brown in 1993-present. He has a handsome face.

Voices over the agesEdit

Age 6-8Edit

Toshiyuki's voice is similar to Strawberry Shortcake's voice.

Age 9-13Edit

Toshiyuki's voice resembles Luke's voice from Growing Pains and goes down to -2.

Age 14-17Edit

Toshiyuki's voice is similar to Arthur's Season 5 voice and goes down to -3 (Pitch -5).

Age 18-22Edit

Toshiyuki's voice is a mix of Aaron Kwok's voice and Nicky Wu's voice and goes down to -4 (Pitch -8).

Age 23-presentEdit

Toshiyuki's voice is a bit older and goes down to -3 (Pitch -12).

List of Soul Calibur Custom Characters Made by EndoEdit

  1. Adelheid Hall
  2. Akemi Moriguchi
  3. Alpha Cruise
  4. Ariel Roux
  5. Audrey Frey
  6. Avril Crevier
  7. Barb Pélissier
  8. Blondell Fortier
  9. Chloe Guérin
  10. Christiane Appell
  11. Clarisse LaFontaine
  12. Cream
  13. Cyrielle Pipes
  14. Deb Cole
  15. Delyth Yates
  16. Denise Noel
  17. Drizella Alessi
  18. Eri Kobayashi
  19. Ethyl Scheer
  20. Felicienne Denis
  21. Flare Berdahl
  22. Florence Côté
  23. Fränze Walter
  24. Gao Qiushen
  25. Gilette Haywood
  26. Haley Clark
  27. Haze Egan
  28. Hoshi Hayashi
  29. Hyacinth Blaise
  30. Ian Karlsen
  31. Ines Pettigrew
  32. Jacques Pélissier
  33. Jin Kuanshi
  34. Joanna Cazal
  35. Jodie Scott
  36. Justine Levett
  37. Kershaw Essen
  38. Koharu Arikawa
  39. Kris Müller
  40. Kunie
  41. Kylie Pélissier
  42. Lin Mugun
  43. Liu Ailan
  44. Luo Fumin
  45. Maggie Weaver
  46. Marceline Granet
  47. Margo Demo
  48. Marie Weitzel
  49. Megumi Tachikawa
  50. Mera Zavaglia
  51. Minato Ichimaru
  52. Miranda Brandis
  53. Mitzi Trauth
  54. Naoko Fukuda
  55. Nobue Oshiro
  56. Oliver Abeln
  57. Phyllis Mellas
  58. Reinhild von Krone
  59. Rosie LeClair
  60. Roxanne Houde
  61. Sally Skye
  62. Samantha Slasher
  63. Sandy Kobra
  64. Sawako Suzuki
  65. Shawnee Dovell
  66. Shiho Oshiro
  67. Shin Honda
  68. Sneeka Noone
  69. Stacy Skripchenko
  70. Tove Engström
  71. Yao
  72. Yukiko Kagome
  73. Zenobia Fotiou

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